Feral Cats

What are Feral Cats?

Feral cats are outdoor cats that are not socialized. They typically cannot be held or petted and do not make good house cats, as they are not used to being around humans or living indoors. While they may never snuggle you or live in your house, they can become used to you and come near you for short periods of time.

Our TNR Program


Our TNR program (Trap, Neuter, Release), is a better way to help the cat population.  This program saves cat’s lives and helps the community in so many ways.  Not only does TNR stop the breeding cycle, but feral cats are helpful to the community because they will keep abundance of mice and other rodents down, let alone give you a smile when you see them playing around in your community.  More and more cities are adopting TNR programs for their feral cats and we are here to help them! 

Our Barn Cat Program

Feral cats are brought to area shelters every week. In most cases, the cats are held for the legally-mandated 72 hour minimum hold period and then euthanized.

 Rather than allow these cats to be killed, we save these cats.  We take them to get spayed/neutered, vet-checked, and vaccinated. After they get a clean bill of health, we offer them for adoption to rural homes where they will be valued for their hunting abilities.

Due to legal and safety reasons, these cats need to live on properties outside of the city so they can roam free without worry of being hit by a car or making a neighbor angry.  Typically farmers like to have them around their barns and put them to work taking care of the mice! 



What do Feral Cats need?

  • Shelter – Barns are great, but any type of shelter will work. They need a place they can take cover and get out of the weather
  • Food – although barn kitties will kill and eat rodents, snakes, and insects, you should also provide food on a daily basis to provide proper nutrition for your kitty
  • Water – clean water should be provided daily for your barn kitty


Contact Us if you are able to take one or more Feral cats!